Our technical staff and thermoreflectance measurement capability can help you identify, and diagnose, thermal behavior on a submicron level.

We can configure customized systems to meet your specific requirements and bring systems to your lab or you can provide us with devices or

components for analysis in our lab. Consultation and testing services include:

Thermal Imaging

  • Imaging & quantification of spot temperatures of micron-scale devices
  • Provide methods or direct work to find open & short circuit defects

Temperature Profiling

  • Steady state and transient thermal profiling
  • Evaluate temperature distribution and thermal cross-talk with transistor arrays in MMICs

Thermal Design Verification

  • Thermal characterization of packaged devices with thru-the- substrate imaging
  • Effective thermal conductivity of specific layers
  • Evaluate heat sinking & die attach effectiveness

Transient Thermal Characterization

  • Evaluate time-dependent thermal events
  • Thermal network modeling & analysis for specific devices and MMICs
  • Understand thermal behavior under static & operating conditions

Microsanj would like to be your partner in your efforts to meet the thermal challenges associated with today’s high performance electronic and

optoelectronic devices and components. Contact us at info@microsanj.com to discuss your specific applications and requirements for thermal

analysis or fill out and submit the form below:

Thermal Imaging Questionnaire

Your Company:*

We understand that some of the information requested may be sensitive or proprietary but please share as many details as possible as it will greatly facilitate our ability to meet your thermal testing objectives. Please call if you have any questions.

If this request is for thermal imaging of multiple types of devices please use a separate questionnaire for each device type.

1. Name, part number, or other means used to identify this device:
2. Briefly describe what is expected by thermal imaging & thermal mapping of this device:
3. Is the device packaged or unpackaged?:

If packaged provide a brief description & dimensions. Provide any device biasing and/or temperature limitations below:

4. Device Size & Region of Interest (ROI) in mm: Size:
5. Is there a passivation layer?
6. Provide device material Information (i.e. Au, Al, Cu, Ag, Si, GaAs, GaN, etc.)
7. Provide any device biasing and/or temperature limitations below:
8. Working distance in mm? Note: 250x requires 0.8 mm and 100x requires 1.8 mm

The following must also be provided to Microsanj:

  1. At least 3 samples of the device
  2. Device data sheet, or design specification (if available)
  3. Pin-out information
  4. Use the following page to provide any additional information relevant to this request
Additonal Information: