Microsanj technical expertise and thermoreflectance measuring systems can help you identify, and diagnose, submicron thermal problems. We can integrate custom design measurement systems to meet your specific requirements and bring measurement systems to your lab or you can send us devices or components for analysis in our lab.

Consultation services include:

  1. Thermal Imaging
    1. Imaging and quantification of spot temperatures of micron-scale devices for steady state or transient profiles.
    2. Providing methods or direct work to find the open/short circuit defects in devices.
  2. Thermal Characterization
    1. Characterization of effective thermal conductivity of a layer (e.g. thin films) in devices.
    2. Characterization of thermal conductivity of suspended or embedded micro features.
  3. Thermal Design Verification
    1. Thermal characterization of devices in a package, e.g. thermal resistance for JEDEC standard and non-JEDEC specific conditions. Small board level also available.
  4. Thermal Modeling and Validation
    1. Thermal network modeling and analysis for specific devices with a comprehensive validation using thermal imaging tools for future design improvements.

Microsanj would like to be your partner in your efforts to meet the thermal challenges associated with today’s high performance electronic and optoelectronic devices and components.

Contact us at info@microsanj.com to begin the discussion of your specific applications and requirements for thermal analysis.