SanjAnalyzer Software
SanjAnalyzer Software

The user-friendly Microsanj SanjVIEW v4.1 software package with the embedded SanjANALYZER v1.0 module supports the complete range of Thermoreflectance Image Analyzer (TIA) applications for device thermal characterization & prpfiling, time-dependent thermal analysis, hotspot & defect detection, and reliability analysis.


  • Low Frequency Thermal Imager
  • Transient Thermal Imager


  • Analyze saved data from a thermal imaging session
  • Masking tools to correct for multiple coefficients
  • View and save cross-sections of the thermal image
  • View 3-D thermal image data
  • Create output image files or.avi movie files


  • Setup parameters for device under test
  • Coefficient masking
  • Save and organize images

ACQUIRE: Based on a patented, proprietary, band-limited AC imaging algorithm developed with the University of California at Santa Cruz and licensed to Microsanj. This SW module ensures reliable thermal imaging over a wide range of conditions. It can provide a running average as thermal images are obtained to increase the temperature sensitivity.

ANALYZE: This module processes thermal images supporting: region statistics, thermal cross-sections, and image merge. Images can be saved in a variety of formats including: JPG, PNG, and raw ASCII for MATLAB data sets for further analysis.

INSPECT: The TIA system can be used as a megapixel, low noise, high zoom imaging system for device inspection. Point and click sliders, based on image intensity, enables the creation of image masks to compensate for different thermoreflectance coefficients.

The SanjVIEW Project Manager module keeps data files organized and lets you switch between the primary tool functions.


The following applications illustrate some of the capabilities of the Microsanj Nanotherm Series Thermoreflectance Image Analyzers and the versatility and user-friendliness of the SanjVIEW v4.1 software package.

Low Frequency Thermal Imaging

In low frequency imaging mode, the DUT is applied with a sinusoid and uses a proprietary lock with DSP algorithm to generate the thermal image. This type of thermal imaging is recommended when the DUT has a long thermal time constant.

Transient Thermal Imaging

Transient imaging is used to generate thermal image ‘snapshots’ at specific timing points in the DUT’s heating cycle, and thermal image ‘movies’ to represent a series of images. This imaging mode is most applicable to devices with thermal time constants less than 10 milliseconds.

SanjANALYZER v1.0 (aka Thermal Image Analyzer)

The SanjANALYZER is a fully integrated analysis package that works with the low frequency, and transient imaging acquisition software. Using the SanjANALYZER you will be able to:

  • View previously acquired thermal images
  • Correct for different values of thermoreflectance coefficients
  • Find region mean temperature values
  • Create and save cross-section plots
  • Output the images in various image formats
  • Create .avi movies from an image series


SanjANALYZER v2.0 is a standalone software option for the Microsanj Nanotherm series thermoreflectance thermal analyzers. This user-friendly SW upgrade enables post-processing of data files generated by the embedded SanjVIEW [1] software. SanjANALYZER v2.0 enables several new features leading to enhanced data resolution and accuracy with support for more flexible report generation and easier file transfers. Features supported are:

  • Hyperspectral/Multi-spectral thermoreflectance analysis
  • Advanced Image Data Processing
  • Output directly to Matlab file format: xxx.mat
  • Display and export 3-D visualization
  • Enhanced report generation
  • Sub-pixel digital alignment for series and calibration
  • TransientCAL™ to support enhanced region calibration for thermal analysis of sub-micron features

[1] SanjVIEW version 4.1 or later is required to support the SanjANALYZER v2.0 option.