NT410 Thermoreflectance Image Analyzer
NT410 Thermoreflectance Image Analyzer

NT410 Thermal Imaging System

Microsanj Nanotherm Thermal Imaging Systems are based on the thermoreflectance principal, a concept that takes advantage of the relative change in the sample’s surface reflectivity as a function of temperature. As the temperature of the sample changes, the refractive index, and therefore, the reflectivity also changes. The change in reflectivity is dependent on the Thermoreflectance Coefficient, a basic material property that is a function of the illumination wavelength, the sample material and its surface characteristics, and the ambient temperature.
With illumination wavelengths in the visible range, a lock-in technique to enhance signal to noise ratio, and advanced embedded algorithms for data analysis, the Microsanj thermal imaging systems surpass traditional IR thermal imaging techniques in spatial resolution and temporal resolution.

The NT410A has been specifically designed with features and functionality to address the unique challenges that are imposed by today’s most advanced high performance semiconductor devices. Decreasing device feature sizes, complex 3-dimensional structures, and higher device power densities with ultra-fast time-varying thermal events have greatly exacerbated the ability to gain a full understanding of the thermal behavior of these devices; information, vitally important, to ensure optimum performance and long-term reliability. The NT410A is designed for both through-the-substrate and top-side steady-state and transient full-field thermal imaging.

For top-side imaging, the system has a spatial resolution less than 300 nanometers and an absolute temperature resolution of 0.5 °C. Temporal resolution is typically less than 800 picosecond.

The embedded SanjVIEW410™ v3.0 software is an advanced software platform designed to provide a flexible user-friendly interface for acquiring, managing, and analyzing the thermal images and data obtained by the system.

The performance and features of the NT410A High Performance Picosecond Laser Thermal Image Analyzer surpasses traditional thermal imaging methods and achieves the performance needed to assess and analyze the thermal behavior of the most advanced and complex semiconductor devices. The NT410A is clearly the most advanced thermoreflectance-based imaging system currently on the market and will prove to be an essential analytical tool in; research, development, quality assurance, and manufacturing environments.


High Performance Visible & Near-IR Thermal Image Analyzer


System Description Pulsed Laser Thermal Image Analyzer
Spatial Resolution1 (diffraction limited) 290 nm typical
(dependent on substrate preparation)
Thermal Resolution1 0. 5 °C typical (30 minute average)
Active Thermal Pixels 1024 x 1024 EMCCD Scientific Camera
CCD Interface High Speed PCI
Software SanjVIEW410™ for control, analysis, & automation
Diode Laser Illumination Sources 100 Picosecond pulsed diode laser 455 nm, 1060 nm
Zeiss Microscope Objectives 5x, 20x, 100x
Biasing Custom
Thermal Imaging Method Short pulse visible/Near-IR spectrum differential thermoreflectance
Transient Resolution < 800 picosecond typical
1. Requires optical table mount

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AN-003: Understanding the Thermoreflectance Coefficient
AN-004: Comparing Thermal Imaging Approaches

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