NT210/220 Thermoreflectance Image Analyzer
NT210/220 Thermoreflectance Image Analyzer

NT200 Thermal Imaging System

Microsanj Nanotherm Thermal Imaging Systems are based on the thermoreflectance principal, a concept that takes advantage of the relative change in the sample’s surface reflectivity as a function of temperature. As the temperature of the sample changes, the refractive index, and therefore, the reflectivity also changes. The change in reflectivity is dependent on the Thermoreflectance Coefficient, a basic material property that is a function of the illumination wavelength, the sample material and material surface characteristics, and the ambient temperature.

With illumination wavelengths in the visible range, a lock-in technique to enhance signal to noise ratio, and advanced embedded algorithms for data analysis, the Microsanj thermal imaging systems surpass traditional thermal imaging techniques in spatial resolution and temporal resolution.

Shrinking geometries and more complex structures are making it more difficult to thermally analyze today’s advanced microelectronic and optoelectronic devices. At the same time, with higher power densities and faster switching speeds it is even more important to have a full understanding of the thermal behavior under both static and dynamic conditions to ensure performance and long-term reliability. The NT210B and NT220B Thermal Imaging Systems are designed and configured to address these challenges and overcome the limitations of traditional imaging techniques.

For non-invasive top-side thermal imaging the NT210B and NT220B systems are unsurpassed with respect to spatial resolution to locate and characterize the smallest hot spots or defects and temporal resolution with full field images to capture rapidly changing time-dependent thermal effects. The systems are equipped with an auto-focus stage for enhanced accuracy and faster measurements. The embedded SanjVIEW200™ software with its advanced algorithms provides a versatile fully integrated platform with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of available formats to facilitate data analysis and presentation.

If you are engaged in advanced semiconductor device research, design, or development or other nanotechnology-related endeavors, the NT210B or NT220B will prove to be an essential analytical tool in the lab or on the production floor for; optimizing device performance and long-term reliability, validating thermal models, assuring manufacturing process integrity, or analyzing device failures.
The first generation NT200A Thermal Imaging Systems were introduced in 2009 and over the ensuing years have gained worldwide acceptance with proven value-added performance.


High Performance Visible Thermal Image Analyzers



System Description Visible Transient Thermoreflectance High Resolution Transient Thermoreflectance
Spatial Resolution1 (diffraction limited) 290 nm typical 290 nm typical
Thermal Resolution1 0.5 °C (2 minutes average) 0.25 °C (30 minutes average) With 10% accuracy 0.25 °C (2 minutes average) 0.1 °C (30 minutes average) With 5% accuracy
Active Thermal Pixels 1626 x 1236 2048 x 2048
CCD Interface GigE and/or USB3.0 High Speed Acquisition
Software SanjVIEWTM 3.0 for control, analysis, & automation
LED Illumination Sources Fixed: 470 nm, 530 nm, 780 nm, White
Tunable: 390-650nm with 5nm Resolution and 0.50nm Accuracy
Probe Station Standard: SPS-400/600 Probe Station with 4 or 6 inch chuck
High Performance: GPS-200 Gantry Probe Station with 6 inch chuck
Microscope Objectives Standard 5x and 20x Objectives
Optional: 1.25x, 2x, 50x (10.6 mm WD), 50x SLWD(18 mm WD), 100x (3.4
mm WD), 100x SLWD (7.5 mm WD)
Biasing Integrated function generator (5 v, 100 mA) with Transient Imaging Module (TIM)
Calibration (Thermoreflectance Coefficient Analysis Tool) TCAT100 for chip level with Reference sample
TCAT200 for package devices (require Autofocus200)
Transient Resolution1 100 ns Typical 50 ns Typical
Autofocus AF60 Standard: 20um travel 3-axis piezo fixture stage and controller
AF200 Piezo High Performance: 500W Thermal chuck with 125mmx125mm work area with Temperature Range 20 to 120 °C with 0.1°C accuracy. 3-axis 1nm positioning resolution, 200 um travel and +-2°C Tilt Adjustment
1. Requires optical table mount

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AN-003: Understanding the Thermoreflectance Coefficient
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