The Microsanj Nanotherm-Series Thermal Imaging Systems

NT100 Thermoreflectance Image Analyzer

The NT110A General Purpose Image Analyzer is the most economical thermoreflectance-based system currently available. It represents a cost-effective way to realize the thermal imaging benefits of what thermoreflectance has to offer. It will prove to be an excellent analytical tool deployed in the development lab for thermal modeling and design, in manufacturing for process optimization, and in quality assurance for monitoring process variations and for failure analysis.
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NT210/220 Thermoreflectance Image Analyzer

If you are engaged in advanced semiconductor device research, design, or development or other nanotechnology-related endeavors, the NT210B or NT220B High Performance Image Analyzers will prove to be an essential analytical tool in the lab or on the production floor for; optimizing device performance and long-term reliability, validating thermal models, assuring manufacturing process integrity, or analyzing device failures.
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NT310 Thermoreflectance Image Analyzer

The performance and features of the NT310B High Performance Thru-the-Substrate Image Analyzer makes it the perfect choice for flip-chip thermal imaging and other thermal analysis issues requiring the detection and thermal analysis of multi-layer structures.
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NT410 Thermoreflectance Image Analyzer

The NT410A High Performance Picosecond Laser Thermal Image Analyzer surpasses traditional thermal imaging methods and achieves the performance needed to assess and analyze the thermal behavior of the most advanced and complex semiconductor devices. It is the most advanced thermoreflectance-based imaging system available and will prove to be an essential analytical tool in; research, development, quality assurance, and manufacturing environments.
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