Microsanj Thermal / Electrical Engineer – Part time or Full time

We are looking for a Thermal/Electrical Engineer who will work on innovative projects for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. With a technical background in thermal/electrical engineering, you will be responsible for developing and validating test procedures of company thermal imaging products prior to delivery to customers. You will be working on advanced thermoreflectance technologies required to meet the thermal imaging challenges of chipsets and other electronics components. You will be responsible for establishing product specifications, developing references for calibrations and evaluating any design tradeoffs. As part of the product development team, the thermal engineer will also be responsible for qualifying the product designs and performance necessary to meet customer requirements.

• Serve as a key member of cross-disciplinary technical team.
• Conduct experiments and engineering analysis; develop integrated technological solutions.
• Develop prototypes and test equipment.
• Develop detailed designs suitable for mass production.
• Collaborate with internal teams, clients and third parties.

• Strong knowledge of thermal engineering principles, and skill in analysis and mathematics.
• Ability to work independently in a start-up environment
• Prior experience with component level thermal modeling and/or testing in corporations with established quality assurance procedures
• Experience working directly with clients and customers.
• BS in mechanical or electrical engineering or a related field.

About Us
Microsanj is a leading provider of high-resolution transient thermal imaging solutions & services for commercial and research applications. The systems are based on optical thermoreflectance characterization, digital signal processing, and advanced software algorithms to support: electronic and optoelectronic components measurement, thermal design validation of ICs, defects, and failure analysis. Microsanj goal is to be a recognized technical leader in the field of high-resolution thermal imaging based on the thermoreflectance principle. In Microsanj, we are focused on the development of systems, products, and services for microelectronic and optoelectronic device and circuit thermal design and characterization. The Microsanj engineering team is continuously working on the development of product enhancements and alternative thermal image analyzer configurations to meet requirements ranging from; general purpose production testing and quality assurance to higher resolution systems with pico-second transient capability for more advanced research in the areas of nano device and defect thermal characterization.