Microsanj is a leading provider of high-resolution transient thermal imaging solutions & services for commercial and research applications. The systems are based on optical thermoreflectance characterization, digital signal processing, and advanced software algorithms to support: electronic and optoelectronic components measurement, thermal design validation of ICs, defects, and failure analysis.

Mission Statement

main-teamOur goal is to be a recognized technical leader in the field of high resolution thermal imaging based on the thermoreflectance principle. We are focused on the development of systems, products, and services for microelectronic and optoelectronic device and circuit thermal design and characterization. The Microsanj engineering team is continuously working on the development of product enhancements and alternative thermal image analyzer configurations to meet requirements ranging from; general purpose production testing and quality assurance to higher resolution systems with pico-second transient capability for more advanced research in the areas of nanodevice and defect thermal characterization.

Company Facts & Highlights

  • 2007: Company founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, California
  • 2009: Offered first commercial thermal imaging system based on the thermoreflectance technique
  • 2012: Formed a collaborative relationship with Thermal Engineering Associates (TEA) and Packaging Science Services (PSS). Known as the Microelectronic Design and Measurement Group (MDaM), this partnership provides a resource for a wide range of microelectronic design services.
  • 2012-2017: Establishment of sales/support network. Now have sales and technical support in Asia, Europe, Israel, Brazil, Canada, and United States.
  • 2014: Introduction of NT310 Near-IR Thermal Imaging System for flip-chip and through-the-substrate imaging
  • 2014: Introduction of NT410 Thermal Imaging System providing 800 ps time resolution with sub-micron spatial resolution
  • 2016/17: Introduced several new key system features: TransientCAL™ for extended spatial resolution, hyperspectral imaging for enhanced temperature accuracy, and 3D nano-align for thermal drift compensation. Introduced a standalone post-data processing package, SanjANALYZER™ 2.0, to support latest features and added flexibility.
  • 2017: We currently offer 4 Standard Thermal Imaging Systems in the nano-therm series to address varied market requirements. Accessories and options are available for added capability and features.
  • More than 50 papers published to date, establishing Microsanj as a technology leader in the thermal imaging field

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